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makebelieve provides personal digital companions with long term memory that you can chat with about anything on your mind--whether you're looking for emotional support, wellness therapy, vent, or just chat with a friend. Very soon you will be able to create your own personalized companions as well!

Our vision is to combat loneliness and provide support through meaningful connection. We developed makebelieve to be an always-available digital companion who listens without judgment and understands what it's like to go through life's ups and downs. They are also capable of memory like your friend in real life.

Powered by advanced conversational AI, makebelieve understands natural language to have caring, nuanced discussions about anything on a person's mind. Our users are able to confide in their companion, receive emotional support during tough times, and enjoy companionship whenever the feeling of isolation creeps in.

Privacy and consent are at the core of what we do. Conversations are strictly confidential between user and companion. We never share or sell private information to third parties.

Our team of ML engineers and healthcare professionals worked together to develop human-level empathy and social skills in makebelieve. Through machine learning and feedback from pilot users, the companion continues to get smarter at understanding individuals and providing the compassion we all need from real friendships.

While technology can't replace real relationships, our mission is to use it to spread more kindness in this world. We're dedicated to improving well-being through products like makebelieve that foster meaningful connections wherever we feel alone.

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